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summer' Vii11 ComeAgain                          Prayer hOhh.XIII

&ULlIUwerill come again.                        Give us thine eyes, 0 &cience
I tell you thi e as I would tell a child i           That we too may see.
~l.Ulll11er Hill come, and SULtL1er sweetness;
H.0neysuckle in the iJorning,                   hhere there were roses
Ilatermelons wild and growing,                       Let there be chloroplasts
Corn born out of rich black earth.                         mitochrondria
The streams will be rJ.uddy, rice and sink                 and a. j?lr,stid.
Back to long forrrotten coolness
Und erneath t[1e t.e'"nz.Led t.r ee roots.      tlher..::there were reindeer
T_h ere w.~ll co-me agcaa in the blaze of sky.       Let there be nucleoproteins
~o~eyed evenings vli11 thicken slowly                      enzymatic hydrolysis
F~ you will listen to young laughter                       and an endobkeleton.
B ?ating across the liquid t1tlilight,
                                                \lliere there were heavens
  nghter than a fla\Vless morning                   Let there be cosmic rays
~ul1 of unknown meaning.                                   reacting masses of gas
 ~er ~lillcome again.                                      and a sputnik.

                                 Jan ::.he11 -  Give us thine ears, 0 ~cience
                                                    Thnt we too may hear.
                                                iihere rra s orchestra
1'11 r8.i se my voice a.nd sing to HY'sIef"          Let there be patterned
fling as the old Red Indian sang,                          of atmospheric pressure.

r.' Inwar-d to myself,              my face,    lihere there was song to my soul,                                 Let there be ai r
         an Inne r l\;ystery I                             through a glottis.
                                                Give us thy heart, 0 ~cience
  for the flame burning before                       That we too oay feel.

bing                                            lthere there was love
                                                llhere bhe r e was sympathy
  for the blood of a rose,                      \fuere there \Vas joy
Sing                                            .ihore there was faith
                                                ,;h<.;:1t'ehere vias hope
   for the mourrri.nx left undone,
iiith a voice beco:e a mina.ret                      Let there be•••
                                                    L~t there be••• ?
Heaching across ni;;ht skies.
                                                Speak, we pray thee, 0 :::,cience•••
            Pat Lav/son                              \/hat hast t.hou. for our hearts?

                                                                            Jack:son Day

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