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The Chanter's Song

I sing.
lvĀ„ song is a bird that flyeth,
Flyeth away in the heavens
~here his ~eeteat note he ohanteth.

I sing.

lW song is a flower that bloometh.

Amid the dark thorns it blusheth
And spreads its sweet scent to the winds.

I sing.
IVW song is a mountain stream rippling
Down from the snow-covered moun tat.ns
To water the fertile valley.

I sing.
NW song is a bird, a blossom,
A rippling stream that runneth.
I sine;. In earth., air, and water, I sing.

                                        Kay Liston

               AwakeS                                    Wisdom of a Child

Awake, 0 song of light and love                 If, for but one day" I could
That Hes within my heartS                       See as a child sees"
Awake to freedom's dying strain,                Ask as a child asks,
Declare yourself apartl                         Dream as a child dreams,
                                                I would flee from my old way.
Awake, and let the vain world know
That there is strength in right!                If, for but one day, I could
Awake, and let the future reign                 Pray as a ohild prays,
In love's bright shining light!                 Trust as a ohild trusts,
                                                Love as a ohild loves,
Awake, and let your power rule;                 I would know wisdom that day.
And tear the bars apart1
Awake, before you ebb away                                              Patricia Stahl
And die within my heart.

                             Pamela Wolfe

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