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woods with Lj sander. Tho sand was raovfng beneath them. Its firm compact-

ness became an ocstacle course of shifting wounds and sudden ;its. Their

bo<iies shifted and swayed as they continued their flight.E;:citement       and

a spirit of adventure bubal ed within her. Eager delight was the overflow

revealed in her face. Tho little boy vas left in the vrave a, but a part of

his spirit 'vas carried "lith hcr , A part, but not all.

         The journey ended. ~he found herself in the mi.d et, of her friends.
All wer-e laughing and cheering as she vias lowered onto the blanket.
Butch had been the me s eenger- sent to a.inounce their a1'ri val and to persuade
her to join them. This he had done. i~S she settled down on the blanket,
she became calmer, qut et er , ilie collected the inhibitions that had been
running free. Her mOod vza s changin[:;. The thrill and exhilaration wer-e
fading into a backgr-ound of 1)8.ss1ve conteLl.)lation. J1e began wonde r ing ,

         Her mood Has contagious. A stillness d0scendedj a seriousness set in.
The otherss became serious, que st.Lond ng , Hill "~here be another '"tar? If so,
would they want to live through it? ~hould people really love life? Do
they? The warmt.h and security surrounded and "'l'otected the [irouP'

A chill ran through Cathy. :.::.he suddenly :fIt Lo st., alone.        ~he

realized the questions 'chat had haunted her. -.1. •• < word s ~on:lled on her lip s.

~e was af'r-ai.d to say them, and wlien she did -"he/ came as a whisper. vlbo

am I? \V110 am I? The words pounded on her brain. U:";e be caue worried,

confused. liho was she? Vias t:;:,,) the daring crusade r , or the p r oud mar tyr ,

the unsophisticated gir.l, or tbe serious intellcc..tual?\las  she any, or was

she all? bhe didn't Imo1:Tj :::i1C couldn't an swer « The pr e a cur-e increased;

she would exp Lod e , ;;;.he uust, escape. :::'he nt.ood up. ~he had to run. lliaybe

that \las it; ma.ybe if abe ran fast enough she r:.ould find out, she could catch

the real Cathy. Yes, chat was the solution. That would stop the incessant

pounding; thatwould check the "lild river surging inside. bhe started running,

faster, faster, farther, :Carther, away, away.

                                                          Liz l'icPherson

      "I'Jhat There Is

The wor-Ld is chaos.
~here is no peace of mind$
All presses, there is no
'1'0 1i ve h'l the


Die in this distraction--
There is no altern1?t"",ve.
O:-.God,help me f'Lnc, -'-'.1. ae Lf".

o God, help me find •• ,
o God, help me•••

o God.... 0 Godt

                               Barbara ~chwartz

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