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The City

Fast li~hts we approach--
        closer we come to the pulse-beat of the city.
        The teeming ~a~ses, screa~ing BeSses acho
        in the da.rknCLG of e.nonynity.
        We feel your sinister grasPi
        the pull of' unknown fate, living and dying
         in the secluded mystery of a st.r e rnc r light.

Footstep s a s enpcy as sounds in a wel I 'Iiit.houc                end
        llake their Hay i.rrco ap at.hy and loneliness.
         Lost f'er eweLl,s of a forgotten yesterday
         come beck as sud: en Iy G sour ai)_Jroach.

BridGes ar e over tLe vc.i d plungin[; abrupt Iy into
        the fantastic wor Ld of isolation and Lone l ss s
        ~;illions of sirens scr-ean tragedy and lose
         theL:selves i~,the dry sounds of eve ryday grind
         and grime of cement castles.
         ~Jjillions of d r-amas behind tene,~ent ~lindovlS,
        lliillLms of Bi~hs, (;ries end scrcer.s
         pierce tbe nidni[;ht mask.

A lone ~;irl stands ent.rcnced in a dr eazij
         of hazy, h:ergin.:; br-own s a:1(L .::;rotesque
         Lanpp o st a trap her in, lilazes of hidden n ee d s ,

Sanct,1.,1lJ, aanct.o ruta a hunky stands rizid, dirt. and
         defea.ted in t.he middle of sh r l 11in,::,; ChS.08, shinin,:;,
         st,o.rin~; )hos1Jhol"eScent 8i2,11S blinking in hypnotic trc.nces.
         ThroUSl: dark gla!:Jses he is blinded 'uy chr-ome fenders and
         Luxury ,
         He stares indii"::'erent and s eezus gone, and lost but to Goci.

Friel1dlesu, hOL~(;less, desolate a:1C1fo1'lor":.1 they turn to              the
         pro,_,i S0 of tile ci t.v :                                         out
         Je'lrie p" ronase of hope" I tilrotJ.:::,h steel and o;laGs shines
         on ~he pulsing streets.

In a dIi.1'1ml.L..y.'.n-elin,tazyca,fes~,n"o•Dlo~e(y?t,t;,,w:orUi-Jtileesro. of a basement. the jazzican waiL:;

his. troubl~s to ~OlJ.0tijing.

In · o:.:I'lces 8.~·;G.0:1 the do cks t.h e pu I se goes on

Anel/frou an old oJ~:,acli:::;h clmrch, bells are heard in contraJt to

"h"   d' ee.'~1--,  ]'~:c'"'C'''' ....!..eJe' .:LC ,norn  of' ti,e  81, 1•:1.9 cryl.•:1.;_"OUJe. £L f'are'tre 11 •

v L-

The city goes on,

                    and ti1e li:;hts kec:~; i.,lL11dng uncertainly ••••

   \tritten in  a Traihlays     Bus nearing                         NeVI ,.:~d;:, ei1r01.,:te from Baltimore
to He,,!York,   this poe!,.  Ho.~" uailed to                        (;ontn;: t by hIO former students,

                                                                         Jal".w;,; Rhine s:..:H,,hand

                                                                         Ed"lard Boco bar
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