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All the World' s a ~tage

The hot sand sizzled between Cathy's toes as she dashed down the

beach. ~uddenly the sand vias firm, dampi "/arning her that soon she woul d

be encompassed by the cool salty fingers of the ocean. 6he felt its icy

grasp. Its strength "las surrounding her. i.lhe laughed gaily as she ad-

vanced against tbe oceanic Bight. bhe \'las meeting a challenge. Jumping

sideways, she battled against the "laves. The ring of her joy acc orapam ed

the splash of the c onf'La.ct , 'I'hen she was down, do "in , but not dei'eated ..

~iith charac·i:.eristic vigor she rose to r-enew the contest, to corrt i.nue her

advance. bhe alone \,/as surging against the constant attacks. Occasion-

ally she "TaS pushed into a retreat.  btUl she ventured on" :lle "las a

valiant war nLor struu~lir.g \-/ith a mighty foe; she "IUS ~ir Ga\'1ain combating

the Green Knight. ilie wont, down again as an overgro ..m. seventh wave swept

by in triumphant majesty.

This time "'/he~16110 se , it wa s \'1ith i".lajesty and pride equal to that

of her assailant.  The battle wa s forgotten; nov she wa s a great queen

standing straight and all.  The Laught.e r wa s erased from her v..oice; in

its place silence reigned. ::'he felt a sud dc.i surge of )owcr as she turned

her face into the Hind. Oblivious of' thos~ L:"ounc:.her, she al owl y va Iked

forward. The uor l d seemed infinitely' sile_:t,:~Le only rco..lities were the

force of the wind andthe power it instilled Li her. :':;:,8 became q,ueen

Victoria at her coronation; l._:u·y, '-!.ueen of 0(;'Y':~'at her death. ohe was a

martyr amidst the intrigues of a scandalous court. ~e symbolized mercy

and benevolence, ~oodness, and Christian piety.

Cathy turned her bead. Her dignity vanished as though Carried away

by the wind that blew llisps of golden ghair aCl'OUS her face. Her gaze

seized upon the numerous freckles of a sh;.all boyl:; face. bhe felt his

eag er exci, t ement. f' into her, seeping, surging, and leaving a trail

of tingles.  A Sidle lit her face as she felt 8. strengthening bond bet.ween

them. iJhe t'las in COi.;1..1.'-':"w1.itobn thi S sma.l I unknown. ohe shared hi s delight

in a game of tag "lith the "raves. ::be shared his surp r-i ae when the ocean spray

leaped up anti sprinkled his face. iliewatched l:is auaz ement. t.urn to concern,

to joy,~o curiosity, and then to alllaZelllent again as he progressed in and

dashed out of the "lJater. cud den Ly she want-ed to talk to ·~his little one,

to share his vie\-l of the world and feel very young again. building a huge

sandcastle sur-r-ounded by a salty ;"oat became iLlportant. \ihat did it matter

that her nails Hould [;et dirty and her new bathing suit grimy. ~he would

be building a rei.:.incler to ( of the evanescence of all things. Aft en-lard s,

she could search the ::':lOre for sand (':ra.b bu.ules and shells that sing of the

         ir/hile approaching her object of futuro delir;llt, she WaS lifted from
t?e \'l~ter by a.~alr of '"::luscu.lar ar-ms. But~h, \'Iith his tlparkiing eyes and
mlschlev~us Srl.n,. had ~aptured her and was fleeing to a distant land. ilie
was a pnncess k:tdnapped by arabic nor_:::d8, Herl.lia escaping to the

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