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This year began with completing three librarian searches successfully. Elizabeth
Davidson joined us as the Head of Public Services; Jessica Gutacker as the Information
Literacy Coordinator; and Samantha Schultz as the Outreach and Evening Librarian.
Most people may not think of the staff when they think about the greatest asset of a
library, but we have an excellent team of dedicated and service oriented individuals
who do amazing work together to support you everyday. Here are a few highlights
of what we accomplished:

            •	 New organized methods of outreach, marketing and feedback gathering were implemented
                 in order to increase engagement with the campus community, including doing more with
                 our social media activities to promote the collection and our events.

            •	 The library continued its partnership with the Graduate Deaf Education program, co-teaching
                 2 sections of a 1 credit, online course that prepares in-coming graduate students for college
                 level research.
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