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               Librarians at Hoover Library offer student-                                    1,977
               centered Information Literacy (IL) Instruction                                  STUDENTS
               for all undergraduate and graduate classes on                                       TAUGHT
               research methods and use of library resources.

                                    We lay the foundation for student success by instructing  156
every First-Year Seminar (FYS) on academic research twice - giving students the tools
they need to perform research at the college level. Librarians work with faculty at           CLASSES
every level to develop and prepare McDaniel students to find, evaluate, use, and               TAUGHT
share information ethically and effectively in their personal and professional futures.

Undergraduate  Fall 2016       Spring 2017  Summer  Total        39
Graduate            73                75         0   147
                     5                  1        2     8         FYS CLASSES
Total                                                                     TAUGHT
                    78                76         2   156
                                                                      Times when 1 librarian taught 2 FYS
                                                           courses simultaneously are recorded as 1 class.

                                                                       This occurred 13 times so the actual
                                                                       number of FYS courses taught is 52.


“I learned to never give up     “That was the best introduction to                            “...the flex session showed
looking for sources because    working with primary and secondary                               all the steps to make a
the library can really help.”                                                                  strong research paper.”
                                      sources I have ever seen!”
        -First Year Student                                                                          -First Year Student
                                   -Professor Corey Wronski-Mayersak
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