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McDaniel College Board of Trustees, 1868-present

Collection Overview

Title: McDaniel College Board of Trustees, 1868-present

Predominant Dates:1868-2000

ID: RG1/(RG1)

Extent: 3.0 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Genre, subject, alphabetical, and chronological.

Date Acquired: 10/01/1991

Languages: English [eng]


Historical records of the McDaniel College Board of Trustees including copies of the Charter, early deeds, bonds, and mortgages, biographies of early board members, lists of Trustees through 2007, Trustee directories, and photographs.  This collection also includes citations sent to the Board of Trustees honoring the College.

Administrative Information


Photographs of the Preston Field Dedication, June  2004.

Trustee Records 2012.17; 2012.22; 2012.24; 2012.26; 2012.40; 2013.49

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McDaniel College Board of Trustees, RG1; McDaniel College Archives, Westminster, Maryland



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Box and Folder Listing

Box B00189Add to your cart.
Folio 1: An Act for Incorporating the Western Maryland College and Amendments to Incorporation, 1868 - 1941Add to your cart.
Certified copies of incorporation papers and amendments to that incorporation.
Folio 2 & 3: Citations to Western Maryland College and its Board of Trustees Celebrating the College's 100th Anniversary, 1967Add to your cart.
Box B00190: Deeds, Plats, Leases, and Contracts, 1867-1938Add to your cart.
Includes contracts between Jackson Gott and the College dated 1889 and 1895.
Box B00191: Deeds, Plats, and Papers, 1939-1981Add to your cart.
Includes undated College plat and acknowledgment of receipt of deeds from Wesley Seminary.
Box B00658: Plats and Deed, 1887-1889Add to your cart.
Folio B00196: Citatations and AwardsAdd to your cart.
Item 1: Spirit of Community Award, 2010Add to your cart.
A tray awarded to McDaniel College by the United Way of Central Maryland.
Item 2: Certificate of Merit to Western Maryland College, May 9-11, 1963Add to your cart.
For outstanding display, representative of industry in Carroll County.  Carroll County Industrial exhibit.
Item 3: State of Maryland Proclamation - "Recognition of Merit" to Western Maryland College, May 5, 1951Add to your cart.
Item 4: Proclamation from City of Westminster to Western Maryland College, May 3, 1951Add to your cart.
Designating May 7, 1951 as Western Maryland College Day
Item 5: State of Maryland House Resolution Honoring John Hanson, February 25, 1976Add to your cart.
Western Maryland College honored  Maryland Patriot John Hanson and his descendent the Honorable John Hanson Briscoe, Speaker of the House of Delegates.
Folder 6: Trustees (clippings), 1880-2002Add to your cart.
Two scrapbook pages with clippings of Trustees' pictures (Litsinger, Elderdice, Straughn) taken from the Convention of the Methodist Protestant Church, May, 1931.  Brochure from Klitzburg Associates (Klitsburg), cut sheet of Dr. Joshua Hering, scan from a newspaper of Samuel Normant, scanned photographs of Robin Brenton, Carolyn Scott, Connie Unseld, and Mr. Warfield. Photograph of Joe Corletto. Duplicate photographs of Charlie Moore, Joan Coley, Dennis Sisco and Leslie Wiley, Dr. Samuel and Elsie Hoover, the full board for 1974 and 1988; and the Long Range Planning Committee for 1971.
Folder 7: Buel Family, 1850s - 1870sAdd to your cart.
Scans of photographs of the Fayette Buel Family.
Item 8: Album:  Dedication of Preston field, May, 1997Add to your cart.
Photographs of the dedication of Preston Field.  Identification is included.
Box B00223: Trustees A - LAdd to your cart.
Biographies, obituaries,  and information about McDaniel College Board of Trustees.
Box B00224: Trustees M - ZAdd to your cart.
Biographies, obituaries,  and information about McDaniel College Board of Trustees.
Box B00225: Historic SketchesAdd to your cart.
Sketches of the Charter Members of the Board of Trustees, Wills and Estates, historical papers on Alumni Vistiors to the Board of Trustees.
Box B00226: Board of Trustee Directories, 1967-2014Add to your cart.

Bulk 1984-2013.  Board of Trustee Directories and listings of the Board of Trustees and Trustee biographies for 2005 and 2008.

Accession 2013.50 - directory for 2013-2014.

Accession 2013.36: Board ot Trustee Directories, 1999-2013Add to your cart.
Accession 2013.49: Board of Trustees directory, 2012-2013Add to your cart.
List of Board of Trustee members, committees and committee members, and visitors to the Board for 2012-2013.
Box B00227: PhotographsAdd to your cart.
Photographs of members of the Board of Trustees and board of Trustee Events.
Box B00228: Disks, 2002-2007Add to your cart.
Computer disks containing portraits of board of Trustees and dedications
Series 1: Members of the Board of TrusteesAdd to your cart.
Accession 2012.17Add to your cart.
Box B00231Add to your cart.
Folder F0002853: Adams, Laurence, 1989-2008Add to your cart.
Folder F0002854: Alperstein, Dr. Leslie M., 1989-2003Add to your cart.
1969 graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College).
Folder F0002855: Arbaugh, Eugene A., 1992-1998Add to your cart.
Folder F0002856: Asmis, Jane D., 1976-1997Add to your cart.
Folder F0002857: Austin, Rodney Elmer, 1976-1990Add to your cart.
Graduated 1948 from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College).
Folder F0002858: Bair, G. Scott, 1975-1989Add to your cart.
Folder F0002859: Barnes, Wilson, 1963-1997Add to your cart.
Graduate of Western Maryland College,1928 (now McDaniel College).
Box B00232Add to your cart.
Folder F0002860: Baroch, Jerome, 1982-1999Add to your cart.
Graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) class of 1964.
Folder F0002861: Bennett, Clarence, 1949-1984Add to your cart.
Graduated from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) class of 1928.
Folder F0002862: Blanchet, William, 2007-2009Add to your cart.
Folder F0002863: Blount, Clarence, 1983-2003Add to your cart.
Folder F0002864: Blumberg, Lawrence, 1987-2002Add to your cart.
Folder F0002865: Bowe, Frank G., 1982-2007Add to your cart.
Graduated from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) in 1969.
Folder F0002866: Bricker, Robert, 1974-2007Add to your cart.
Graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) in 1942.
Box B00233Add to your cart.
Folder F0002867: Broll, Arthur, 1965-2001Add to your cart.
Graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) class of 1929.
Folder F0002868: Burch, Frank, 1995-2001Add to your cart.
Folder F0002869: Burleigh, Julia, 1980-2002Add to your cart.
Folder F0002870: Buckalew, Walker, 1994-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F0002871: Calomiris, William, 1976Add to your cart.
Folder F0002872: Carman, Frank, 1976-2001Add to your cart.
Folder F0002873: Carroll, Priscilla K. Caskey, 1993-2006Add to your cart.
Folder F0002874: Clarke, Donald F., 1882-2001Add to your cart.
Graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) clas of 1950.
Box B00234Add to your cart.
Folder F0002875: Cushen, Dr. Edward, 1971-1975Add to your cart.
Folder F0002876: Darner, Henry L., 1957-1988Add to your cart.
Folder F0002877: Decker, Fannie F., 1974-1981Add to your cart.
Folder F0002878: Denton, David N., 1971-2000Add to your cart.
Folder F0002879: Donofrio, Harold C., 1989-1990Add to your cart.
Folder F0002880: Eaton, Thomas H., 1970-1985Add to your cart.
Papers and photographs,  Accession 2012.22
Folder F0002881: Eaton, Thomas H., 1978-1989Add to your cart.
Accession 2012.22
Accession 2012.22Add to your cart.
Box B00235Add to your cart.
Folder F0002882: Eaton, Catharine, 1991-1998Add to your cart.
Folder F0002883: Ellingsworth, Richard H,, 1973-1994Add to your cart.
Folder F0002884: Emens, John, 1996-2005Add to your cart.
Folder F0002885: Faw, Robert D., 1974-1997Add to your cart.
Folder F0002886: Fenwick, Sr., Charles  C., 1977-1998Add to your cart.
Folder F0002887: Fergusson. Frances D., 1985-1989Add to your cart.
Folder F0002888: Files, Jon, 1984-1986Add to your cart.
Folder F0002889: Fisher, W. Lloyd, 1952-1994Add to your cart.
Box B00236Add to your cart.
Folder F0002890: Gold, Sally K., 1990-2010Add to your cart.
Folder F0002891: Goldblatt, Joel A., 2002-2007Add to your cart.
Folder F0002892: Hall, Albert, 1976-1992Add to your cart.
Folder F0002893: Harmon, S. Dennis, 1977-1988Add to your cart.
Folder F0002894: Harrison, Stanley Earl, 1978-1998Add to your cart.
Folder F0002895: Hayes, Charles L., 1974-1990Add to your cart.
Folder F0002896: Hixon, Philip E., 1979-1987Add to your cart.
Folder F0002897: Hoffman, Ralph, 1971-1995Add to your cart.
Box B00237Add to your cart.
Folder F0002898: Hoover, Samuel, 1972-2001Add to your cart.
Papers and includes photographs
Folder F0002899: Howell, Robert, 1987-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F0002900: Hutchinson, Donald P., 2002-2005Add to your cart.
Box B00238Add to your cart.
Folder F002901: Jernigan, David N., 2003-2006Add to your cart.
Folder F0002902: Jones, John Bayley, 1958-2003Add to your cart.
Folder F0002903: Kaplan, Leon, 1994-2012Add to your cart.
Folder F0002905: Kiefer, Richard, 1974-1995Add to your cart.
Folder F0002904: Kiefer, Richard, 1967-2002Add to your cart.
Folder F0002906: Kline, Richard P., Jr., 1974-1994Add to your cart.
Box B00239Add to your cart.
Folder F0002907: Klitzberg, Richard, 1991-2005Add to your cart.
Accession 2012.22
Folder F0002908: Lange, Laura, 1998-2008Add to your cart.
Accession 2012.22
Folder F0002909: Lippy, Marjorie Ann, 1984-2001Add to your cart.
Folder F0002910: Love, Ann burnside, 1980-1987Add to your cart.
Folder F0002911: Malkus, Frederick, 1975-2000Add to your cart.
Folder F0002912: MacLea, D. Carlyle, 1966-1989Add to your cart.
Accession 2012.24Add to your cart.
Box B00240Add to your cart.
Folder F0002913: Mansberger, Arlie, 1967-2003Add to your cart.
Accession 2012.22
Folder F0002914: Marshall, Elizabeth, 1994-2007Add to your cart.
Folder F0002915: Marshall, Thomas, 1982-1992Add to your cart.
Folder F0002916: Martin, Carol Dianne, 1989-1996Add to your cart.
Folder F0002917: Marston, M. Lee, 1985-2002Add to your cart.
Box B00241Add to your cart.
Folder F0002919: Mathias, F. Kale, 1971-1986Add to your cart.
Folder F0002920: Mathias, Robert, 1975-2007Add to your cart.
Folder F0002918: Mathias, Alfred L., 1975-1992Add to your cart.
Folder F0002921: Menaker, Frank H., 1992-2006Add to your cart.
Folder F0002922: Miles, Joshua, 1970-1986Add to your cart.
Folder F0002923: Mills, Melvin, 1996-2005Add to your cart.
Folder F0002924: Mitchell, Jr., Clarence M., 1976-1988Add to your cart.
Box B00242Add to your cart.
Folder F0002925: Mund, Allan, 1960-2005Add to your cart.
Folder F0002936: Myers, Jonathan P., 1975-1991Add to your cart.
Folder F0002835: Nicoll, Frederick S., 1976-1990Add to your cart.
Folder F0002934: Olfson, James Oliver, 1978-1992Add to your cart.
Folder F0002933: Parham, Carol, 1996-2009Add to your cart.
Folder F0002932: Payne, Eloise, 1974-2000Add to your cart.
Folder F0002931: Peacher, Eric, 1992-1997Add to your cart.
Folder F0002930: Penn, Autin, 1961-1999Add to your cart.
Box B00243Add to your cart.
Folder F0002929: Peterson, Clementine, 1969-1998Add to your cart.
Folder F0002928: Ransom, Lewis F., 1974-1987Add to your cart.
Folder F0002927: Riggin, E. Cranston, 1971-1984Add to your cart.
Folder F0002926: Robey, Frank Cover, Jr., 1974-1980Add to your cart.
Folder F0002937: Roser, James L. D., 1985-2008Add to your cart.
Folder F0002938: Ryan, Linda, 1984-1989Add to your cart.
Box B00244Add to your cart.
Folder F0002939: Schaefer, Robert W., 1980-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F0002940: Schmoke, Kurt, 1986-1999Add to your cart.
Two folders (F002941)
Folder F0002942: Schools, Charles H., 1973-1988Add to your cart.
Folder F0002943: Simms, John Hammett, 1980-1993Add to your cart.
Folder F0002944: Sisco, Dennis G., 1999-2008Add to your cart.
Box B00245Add to your cart.
Folder F0002945: Smothers, Joseph D., Jr., 1990-2005Add to your cart.
Folder F0002946: Stewart, Charles A., 1971-1987Add to your cart.
Folder F0002947: Stout, David M., 1996-2005Add to your cart.
Folder F0002948: Swank, Thaddeus W., 1974-2003Add to your cart.
Folder F0002949: Tawes, Margret Lee, 1994-2009Add to your cart.
Folio F0002950: Taylor, Caroline, 1969-1997Add to your cart.
Folder F0002951: Tereshinski, Mary Woodfield, 1980Add to your cart.
Folder F0002952: Thomas, Lloyd, 1980-2009Add to your cart.
Folder F0002953: Traylor, Susan Aldridge, 1992-1996Add to your cart.
Box B00246Add to your cart.
Folder f0002954: Urquhart, robert Peter, 1976-1995Add to your cart.
Folder F0002955: Vitek, Brantley P., 1976-1993Add to your cart.
Folder F0002956: Wahmann, C. Harry, 1974-1987Add to your cart.
Folder F0002957: Willis, Clarence M., 1987-1994Add to your cart.
Folder F0002958: Woodward, Eugene, 1971-1983Add to your cart.
Folder F0002959: Zucco, James L., 1996-1999Add to your cart.
Restricted: Records restricted, please contact Archives.
Accession 2013.36Add to your cart.
Box B00570: Trustee Lists & Trustees Be-CuAdd to your cart.
Box B00571: Trustees Du - FrAdd to your cart.
Box B00572: Trustees Ga - HiAdd to your cart.
Box B00573: Trustees Hi - LiAdd to your cart.
Box B00574: Trustees Ma - MeAdd to your cart.
Box B00575: Trustees Me - PeAdd to your cart.
Box B00576: Trustees PrAdd to your cart.
Box B00577: Trustees Pr - ReAdd to your cart.
Box B00578: Trustees ReAdd to your cart.
Box B00579: Trustees Ri - ScAdd to your cart.
Box B00580: Trustees Sm - ThAdd to your cart.
Box B00581: Trustees Un - WaAdd to your cart.
Box B00582: Trustees We - YaAdd to your cart.
Series 2: Committee ListsAdd to your cart.
Box B00247Add to your cart.
Folder F0002960: Board Meeting Checkk List and SamplesAdd to your cart.
Folder F0002961: Committee Lists, 1983-1988Add to your cart.
Folder F0002962: Committee Lists, 1989-1990Add to your cart.
Folder F0002963: Committee Lists, 1990-1991Add to your cart.
Folder F0002964: Committee Lists, 1991-1995Add to your cart.
Folder F0002965: Committee Lists, 1992-1993Add to your cart.
Folder F0002966: Committee Lists, 1993-1994Add to your cart.
Folder F0002967: Committee Lists, 1994-1995Add to your cart.
Box B00248Add to your cart.
Folder F0002968: Committee Lists, 1995-1996Add to your cart.
Folder F0002969: Committee Lists, 1996-1997Add to your cart.
Folder F0002970: Committee Lists, 1997-1998Add to your cart.
Folder F0002971: Committee Lists, 1998-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F002972: Committee Lists, 1999-2000Add to your cart.
Box B00252Add to your cart.
Folder F0002990: Historical papers, 1868-1937Add to your cart.
Folder F0002991: Chronology of the Executive Committee, 1947-1991Add to your cart.
Folder F0002992: Chronology (disk and disk print out), 1947-1991Add to your cart.
Folder F0002993: Chronolory since 1947Add to your cart.
Folder F0002994: Index NotesAdd to your cart.
Folder F0002995: Trustee Newsletter, 1987-1991Add to your cart.
Folder F0002996: Solicitation Calls on Board of Trustees, 1995Add to your cart.
Folder F0002997: Invocation, 1987-1988Add to your cart.
Folder F0002998: BirthdaysAdd to your cart.
Folder F0002999: Alphabetical List of Trustees, 1976-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F0003000: Mailings, 1976-1988Add to your cart.
Folder F0003001: Carroll County Members of the Board of TrusteesAdd to your cart.
Folder F0003002: Memos on Chonology, 2002Add to your cart.
Folder F0004146: Stationary, Pre 2002Add to your cart.
Box B00497: Board of Trustee Certificates, 1954-Add to your cart.
Certificates and correspondence concerning Trustees on the board and retiring from the board, citations approved by the Board, and vistors to the Board of Trustees
Folder F0003762: Member of the Board of Trustees certificates, 2002-2010Add to your cart.
Folder F0003763: Member of the Board of Trustee Certificates, 1976-200Add to your cart.
Folder F0003764: Certificates from the Board of Trustees, 1974-1992 & 2010Add to your cart.
Certificates of appreciation, distiguished service,  for a special event ( such as a 100th birthday of an alumus).
Folder F0003765: Faculty Visitors to the Board of Trustees, 1974-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F0003766: Student Visitors to the Board of Trustees, 1977-1999Add to your cart.
Folder F0003767: Alumni Visitors to the Board of Trustees, 1954-1999Add to your cart.
Bulk 1977-1999
Folder F0003768: Visitors to the Board of Trustees, 2002-Add to your cart.
Certificates only.
Accession 2014.04Add to your cart.
Folder F0004156: Accession 2014.04, 2013Add to your cart.

Certificates: elected to Board of Trustees, C. Victor McTeer, Class of 1969; Student visitor, Daniel Grenier, Class of 2018; Parent visitor, Robert Salomon and Eric Dezenhal.

Memorial tributes: Ann Ellen Kenney Walls McCool, Class of 1938 and Honorary Trustee read by Ms. Dolores Snyder; Dr. McCay Vernon, Professor of Psychology emeritus read by Dr. James Lightner

Accession 2014.37: Certificates presented  at the Board of Trustees meeting:, October 17, 2014Add to your cart.

McDaniel College Certificates presented  at the October 17, 2014 Board of Trustees meeting:

Election to the Board of Turstees:  James L. Francis II (class of 1984)

Student visitors:

Olivia Kipe (Class of 2017), Augustina Ruis (class of 2015), and Winsome Schauer (class of 2017)

Faculty visitor:  James L. Kunz

Alumni visitor:  Heather Wilensky

Accession 2014.44: Board of Trustee Minutes, October 17, 2014Add to your cart.
Accession 2015.09: Board of Trustees Minutes, February, 2015Add to your cart.
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