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Collaborative Workstations

The “Wireworks” workstation has a simple and attractive design that allows multiple groups to conduct various project work around several focal points. Key features of this workstation include:

  • Three PCs with MS Office and other standard software at the center of each section
  • Pop-up electrical outlets for laptop plug-in on the desk surface for easy access
  • Work surface large enough to spread out project work
  • Noise absorbing panels between each section to offer some privacy but allow students to find each other in the room


Wireworks Group Workstation

The “Resolve” workstation allows network and power lines to be fed into the unit from the top, and places power outlets near the desktop surface on a central pole. You can use the power outlets to plug-in your laptop. We have installed three 27″ iMacs on this workstation to allow groups of students to use the latest technology for their collaborative projects.
We also purchased this unit with several optional components:

  • The “sail” – which rolls around and allows for some privacy behind you as you work, or to help block the light from the windows.
  • The “canopy” a design element used to help disguise where the power lines come in from the top of the unit. The one we purchased has different colored lines in it.
  • The attached whiteboard with shelf for markers and eraser.
  • The shelf which adds another surface for display or organizing materials above the desktop.
  • The task light – positioned under the canopy if additional lighting is needed.

resolve workstation

Resolve Workstation

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about these workstations and all their features.