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General Use Guidelines


Hoover Library is open to the public, but its primary mission is to support the students and faculty of McDaniel College. Faculty and students may check out materials with their McDaniel College ID card. Members of the McDaniel College community who do not have a card must obtain one from the ID Card Office located in the Information Commons on the first floor of Hoover Library.

The Library does provide limited courtesy services to members of the general public. Non-campus borrowing privileges are available at no charge to:

  1. Alumni, trustees and retired faculty of McDaniel College
  2. Faculty and students at MICUA institutions (reciprocal borrowing privileges apply)
  3. Registered students at Carroll Community College
  4. Registered patrons of the Carroll County Public Library, who must be residents of Carroll County

For further information about borrowing privileges, see Access and Circulation Policies

Please assist us by observing the following use policies:

  1. Full computer access is limited to McDaniel College students, faculty and staff.
  2. One computer is available for use by the general public. Please see Library staff for assistance. *Note that there is a 20 minute time limit while using this computer and printing is not available.
  3. Pornography and gaming sites are not to be accessed on Library computers or while using the Library’s wireless connection.
  4. Cell phone use is limited to the Lobby and the stairwells in the Library.
  5. Group study rooms are located on the lower levels and third floor. See Library staff for details.
  6. If Library equipment (computers, photocopiers, microform printers, etc.) is malfunctioning, please ask Library staff for assistance.