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Room Reservations


The Board of Trustees Conference Room, The Leon and Betty Wahrhaftig Conference Room and Conference Room 1B are intended for the use of appropriate College, community, or professional groups. They are not intended for purely social functions and students not accompanied by a faculty sponsor or advisor may not reserve them.

  1. Meetings may be scheduled by any member of the College Administration, Faculty or Staff. However Board of Trustees meetings have priority over other requests.
  2. Sanctioned student organizations may hold meetings in these conference rooms but reservations must be made by the faculty advisor and at least one member of the College Administration, Faculty or Staff must check out the key and be present at any meeting in these rooms. It is the responsibility of the Faculty/Staff sponsor to ensure the rooms and all equipment are secure, that the key is returned and the room left in a neat and orderly fashion.
  3. Beverages and other refreshments may be provided by Food Services and must be arranged by the meeting sponsor or convener, not by library staff.
  4. Meetings must begin and end within the library’s operating hours but exceptions may be made in advance by special arrangement with the Library Administration Office to maintain building security.
  5. To reserve one of the conference rooms, please use the College’s online Space Reservation page.
  6. If this is not a College related event please contact Conference Services. There may be fees associated with the reservation.

Richwine Room reservations are also made using the online Space Reservation page. Catered events are discouraged in this room. Please try to choose one of the other options.

The Library Classroom may be scheduled by a faculty member for a library instruction session provided by a librarian.  Please see our Instruction Policies for more details on scheduling library instruction sessions.

Group Technology Rooms may be reserved by students in person at the Circulation Desk or through our online Group Technology Room Reservation system.