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Information Commons

collaborative workstation

Collaborative Workstation

We are experimenting with some changes in the library. Navigate to each of these links and see more about our new work space designs and provide specific comments about what you like or don’t like about them.  Also, don’t forget to tell us if we missed something you think we should be doing.

Collaborative Workstations
Group Technology Rooms
Quiet Study Spaces
Movable Tables
Movable White Boards
Tablet-Arm Lounge Chairs
Task Chairs

The Creative Learning Spaces Project:
A group of McDaniel College administrators, faculty and students have been working together to develop ideas about how we can improve spaces around campus and enable students to work more effectively on collaborative projects.  In libraries these new space designs are typically called an Information Commons.  The Creative Learning Spaces Project group at McDaniel College decided to experiment with some of the space redesign features commonly found in Information Commons environments and bring them into the Hoover Library.  At the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester we borrowed some sample pieces from a furniture vendor and gathered student and McDaniel community feedback.  We selected the pieces to buy for the Information Commons experiment based on those comments.  All of the pieces for the experimental project arrived in the Spring semester 2010.  On April 16, 2010 we held an Open House Event, see details and a video of the event.

Feedback Study
On April 18, 2010 through May 1, 2010 we conducted feedback surveys and building use studies to gather information that will help guide an expansion of the Information Commons project.  See the Study Findings report for more details.

Information Commons Vision
Learn how implementing an information commons will support the strategic plan and initiatives of McDaniel College, as well as the anticipated outcomes if the full Information Commons Vision is realized.

Class Collaboration Activities
See how a Music class utilized the information commons space to conduct a Class Collaboration Activity.

This experimental project is made possible through funds generously donated to the library through contributions to our library gift fund and the Hoover endowment provided for the long-term support of the library.