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Library Instruction Policies


When scheduling classes, instruction librarians try to be as flexible as possible. However, to ensure the best possible experience for students and faculty, we have established policies that we ask you to follow.

Scheduling a Class
Librarians ask that faculty schedule classes as early as possible. Librarians need a minimum of one week’s notice to prepare for a class, but ideally librarians prefer two weeks in order to:

  • tailor the instruction class to fit your needs
  • schedule the library lecture room for your preferred class date and time
  • guarantee that library staff is available

You can request instruction through our online form.

Faculty Attendance
Faculty members are asked to attend library instruction classes with their students. When a faculty member accompanies students to a class:

  • students benefit from the combined knowledge of the librarian and the professor
  • emphasis is placed on the value of the library as well as on scholarly research
  • students tend to be more attentive and willing to participate

Lecture Room Use Policies
Due to the cost of equipment and the need to maintain the room’s availability, the lecture room can only be scheduled for library instruction classes or library staff meetings. A library staff member must be present when the room is in use.

If the lecture room is unavailable, librarians will assist you in rescheduling your class, or a librarian can come to your classroom if the room is equipped with a Smartboard.

Bringing Students to the Library
If you would like to bring your class to the library on your own, please use our Instruction Request Form or contact Marla Beebe (x2287 or mbeebe@mcdaniel.edu) a few days before your visit. We can reserve the computers in the reference area for your students; however, during busy times of the semester, a few computers will be made available for other patrons.

Librarians offer tours of Hoover Library to new and First Year Seminar students. Each tour introduces students to the library and its services; tours last for approximately twenty minutes.

Students benefit more from library instruction when the class takes place a week or two prior to a required assignment. Therefore, librarians strongly recommend that faculty schedule library instruction to coincide with a course assignment or research paper.

So that librarians can design an instruction class to meet your specific needs, we ask that, when possible, faculty provide a copy of the course assignment and syllabus to the librarian a week prior to the scheduled class.