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Technical Services Department


Technical Services Department

The Technical Services Department supports the educational mission of Hoover Library by obtaining and organizing materials to meet the information needs of the McDaniel College community.

All new books, dvd’s, cd’s, databases, and other materials requested by faculty department liaisons and library liaisons are ordered, received, and paid for in acquisitions. Expenditures for departmental and other library materials funds are tracked and reported to liaisons on a regular basis. Materials are added in accordance with the library’s collection development policy and available funding.

Cataloging organizes all materials in the library’s collection using the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (DDC) and local schemes, which appear on each volume’s spine label. The materials are also made accessible through various searches in our online catalog, such as keyword, subject, title, and author. Repairs of damaged materials and withdrawals from the collection are also performed as needed.

This section orders, receives, organizes, and maintains the library’s periodicals collection, including journals, newspapers, and microforms. Individual issues of many journal titles are bound on a monthly basis to preserve the materials for long-term use. When departments conduct a periodical review of their titles, the list of current titles and prices is provided. After the review, new titles are ordered and cancellations of existing titles are processed.

The Technical Services Department handles all gifts of books, dvd’s, cd’s, periodicals, and other materials received by the library. Gifts in good condition which support the curriculum according to the collection development policy are cataloged and added to the collection. The remaining gifts are donated to charitable organizations such as The Rotary for Africa program, offered for sale in the library, or discarded. The contact for questions on gifts is the Collection Resources Management Librarian.

Technical Services Contacts
Linda Garber Acquisitions Supervisor x-2285 e-mail: lgarber@mcdaniel.edu
Roxane Brewer Cataloging Supervisor x-2747 e-mail: mbrewer@mcdaniel.edu
Lorri Pickett Technical Services Assistant (Serials) x-2789 e-mail: lpickett@mcdaniel.edu
Mary C. Wilson Collection Resources Management Librarian x-2284 e-mail: mwilson@mcdaniel.edu