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Technology & Printing


Wireless Access
Hoover Library is completely wireless. You can bring in your laptop and find a quiet area to work. To see more detailed information about wireless access on campus and the specification for computers, please see the IT department’s Student Technology FAQ.

Library Computers
Hoover Library has 11 Macs and 14 PCs available for research and work, all located in the Information Commons on the first floor of Hoover Library. In addition, we also have “catalog” computers on each floor of the library available for accessing the library’s catalog.

All of our computers are equipped with Microsoft Office products. In addition, three of our Macintosh computers have Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop, in addition to Microsoft Office, available for working on group projects and other assignments.

Hoover has two black-and-white printers and one color printer in the Information Commons. Each student is given 400 free pages of printing a semester. Four hundred pages for a semester is equal to approximately 28 pages per week for 14 weeks. When a student logs into a public or computer lab workstation, the student’s current balance will be displayed. Each time a student wants to print a document, a confirmation dialog box will appear before the job is printed to the network printer. The student has a choice to either print or cancel the printing of the document. If a student depletes his or her quota of 400 pages, the student will be able to transfer funds to their print account from their McDaniel OneCard. See the Print Management website for more information.

Need to add funds to your OneCard? See the How to Add Value to McDaniel Bucks page for more information.

Photocopy Machines
There are two photocopy machines available for use in the library. One is located in the Information Commons on the first floor and the other is located on the second floor. To see the exact location of these machines, please see our Floor Plans. Each copy is 10¢ a page for Black & White, or 35¢ for color copies. You can either use change, or your McDaniel College I.D. Card. If you use your ID card you will need to have funds available on the thin strip. You can also scan books, documents, and photos to your email or flash drive.

Group Technology Rooms
Hoover Library has two group technology rooms available on the third floor of the library. Each room is equipped with a MacMini computer and a big screen TV. These rooms are ideal for working on group presentations or viewing DVDs. In order to access these rooms you have to check out a key from the circulation desk. There must be two or more people in a group to use these rooms.

Audio Visual Equipment
Hoover Library has audiovisual equipment available on the second floor of the library. There are two DVD players, three VCRs, a Foreign Language DVD player, a tape player, and CD player, and a record player. If you do not have your own headphones you can check out a pair at the circulation desk.

Charlson Computer Lab – Quiet Work Zone
The Charlson computer lab is a designated quiet work zone. Located directly across from Caseys’ Corner on the first floor of Hoover Library, the Charlson Lab is maintained and operated by the IT department. If you encounter problems with the equipment during the normal working hours (M-F, 8:30-4:30), call x3390 (410-871-3390). After hours, please notify Information Technology by sending an email to help@mcdaniel.edu.