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Class Collaboration Activity


Robin Armstrong’s World Music class met in the library on October 25, 2010 to use the elements of the information commons to conduct a group collaboration activity.  The group process allowed each student to share information about the individual musicians that they have been researching and then discuss the connections that these musicians share.  The use of the library space for this project allowed the students to spread out more than in the classroom and use some pieces of equipment not readily available in most classrooms, such as the whiteboards to organize their key discussion points.  Collaborative projects in the library allow the class to have access to a variety of equipment options as well as immediate access to research materials and assistance.   Contact a librarian to arrange a collaborative project in the library!

Class Collaboration

Students in groups sharing their research and taking notes

Class Collaboration

Students discussing how they might draw connections between their musicians

Using the Whiteboard

Students used the whiteboards to outline the connections and themes