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Books and Material Donations
Monetary Donations

Book and Material Donations
Hoover Library encourages the donation of professional and scholarly books and other materials that fall within the general scope of the Library’s Collection Development Policy, which is based on the Library’s role in meeting the academic mission of the College. Gifts are evaluated on the basis of present academic need, scholarly value, and physical condition. Items that meet the criteria are cataloged and added to the collection. All donations will be acknowledged in writing at time of receipt, regardless of their ultimate disposition.

As a general rule, the Library does not accept magazines, textbooks, mass market paperbacks, or books in poor physical condition. If titles do not meet the criteria of our donation policy, every effort is made to place them elsewhere, through our library book sale or other charitable organizations.
As the recipient, the Library is an interested party and may not perform appraisals of gifts for tax, inheritance, or other purposes. Appraisals must be completed before the gift is transferred to the College.

The contact for questions on gifts for the collection is Mary Wilson, Collection Resources Management Librarian. She can be reached at 410.857.2284 or mwilson@mcdaniel.edu.

Monetary Donations
Hoover Library is grateful for and benefits from donations to gift funds earmarked for the Library. Monetary gifts have far-reaching impact and we rely upon donors to help support and expand the resources and services available to students and scholars from the McDaniel community and beyond. These important donations support purchase of materials for the collection, new furnishings, renovation projects, staff development, special programs and services otherwise not covered by college expenditures. To make a monetary gift to the Hoover Library please use McDaniel’s “Make a Gift” web site. Select “Other” in the “Select a Fund” drop-down box on the form, and then write “Hoover Library” in the text box provided to designate that your gift should benefit the Library.

You may also contact the Library Director, Jessame Ferguson at (410) 857-2281 about making a monetary gift to the Library. If you have ideas for how you’d like your monetary gift to be utilized by the Library it is recommended that prospective donors discuss ideas with the Library Director or Institutional Advancement staff prior to making restricted donations.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Hoover Library!