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Usage Agreement for Group Technology Rooms


As the person checking out the key for the use of this room, you agree to the following:

1. I understand that this room must be used for groups of 2 or more people at a time.

2. I understand that this key is my responsibility and I will keep it with me at all times, and that the door will lock behind me and I will not leave it locked in the room. I must return the key to the Circulation desk where I checked it out when I am finished with the room.

3. I understand that the key I am checking out guarantees use of the room for only 2 hours from the time of my reservation. Although the due time of the key may be 3 hours after I checked it out, if someone needs to use the room after 2 hours we will vacate the room. [The key will check out for 3 hours, so if you are a little bit late returning it, you won’t have overdue fines. But please don’t keep other groups waiting who have reserved the room.]

4. I understand that if I need the room longer and no one else is waiting to use the room, I need to check out the key again in order to avoid accruing overdue fines.

5. When I enter the room, I am responsible for assuring that all of the following listed equipment is present in the room. If any of it is missing, I must report it immediately at the Circulation desk where I checked out the key.
Equipment list:
• Large screen TV mounted on the wall
• Mac mini computer
• Keyboard
• Mouse

6. I understand that while the key is checked out to me, I am the person in my group responsible for all the equipment in the room. If I leave before other members of my group, I will have one of them check-out the key before I leave.

7. If I find that any of the equipment is not working properly, I will report the problems to the Circulation desk where I checked out the key. [This will enable us to keep the equipment in better working order if you report problems to us.]

8. I understand that if problems do occur with the equipment in the room, the library staff can not guarantee that it can be fixed right away. IT staff need to be contacted to provide service and they are typically only available weekdays before 4:30pm.