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Tablet-Arm Lounge Chairs


Tablet-Arm Lounge Chairs
We have purchased three different styles of table-arm lounge chairs on wheels. There are two of each. Movable furniture allows students to create their own dynamic grouping to meet their needs. Please feel free to move these chairs around.

Relax Chair
This chair has a flexible back, a wide open seat and a folding tablet arm that doubles as a side arm rest. Swing the arm rest towards the front of the chair and unfold it to reveal the tablet workspace.

relax chair

Jessa Chair
This chair is a traditional style lounge chair with the addition of a tablet arm. One chair accommodates the right-handed, another accommodates the left-handed.

jessa chair

Tea Cup Chair
This chair gives students another option to support a different comfort preference. We also purchased one to accommodate the right-handed and another to accommodate the left-handed.

teacup chair

Which of these chairs do you prefer? Why? Leave us a comment!